AGM 2022

The Annual General Meeting of Braidwood Clean Energy Inc will be held at
5:30 pm, 27th September 2022 at Services Club, main meeting room
Context. BCE will be entering a more active phase in the near future, as we expect to prepare a proposal to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) jointly with a Canberra company. A grant would support the development of detailed plans for a project that could see the Braidwood region supplied by local electricity generation and energy storage, potentially capable of being isolated from the main grid in emergencies. We hope to be able to provide more detail soon.
It will be important to pursue community outreach so as to promote and gauge community support for such a project.
The Committee is in need of a Secretary and would appreciate candidates for Treasurer, President and people keen to promote community outreach (see GM agenda, below). The current President is willing to continue as a committee member.
Draft AGM Agenda:
Acknowledgement of Country
Minutes of previous AGM
Matters arising
Election of office bearers
President/Convener, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, Public Officer, and other committee members up to a total of 7.
General Meeting
The AGM will be followed by a brief General Meeting with the following draft agenda
1. Forming a working group/subcommittee, drawing on the membership, to promote the location of an EV charge station in Braidwood.

2. Forming a working group to organise community outreach. This could include talks (Power Talks?) on a semi-regular basis. An initial topic might be solar power (rooftop?).

3. Any other business

Financial membership

Financial membership is required to participate in the AGM.
Because of the delay in holding the AGM, due mainly to the pandemic, it was decided that financial status of members would carry over until the next AGM. Memberships paid before or at this coming AGM will run until September 2023.
Membership is $10 per year. Payment can be made as follows:

(Preferred) By Direct Deposit: Make payment: BSB No. 633 000 Ac’t No. 168 109 650 Account Name: Braidwood Clean Energy Inc., Ref: your name

OR By hand to the Treasurer, Richard Elliott

OR By Cheque made out to Braidwood Clean Energy Inc. PO Box 378, Braidwood 2622

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